From the first note to the final firework, the 2024 Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show is an exhilarating ride through time. Journey back to when the biggest rock bands (and even bigger hair) took centre stage.

This 80’s jukebox showcase has all your favourite rock hits and features nightly performances by award-winning country artists, Hunter Brothers and the Young Canadians. Race through jaw-dropping stunts and spectacles and find yourself in the future. From death defying adrenaline acts like the Urias Globe of Death Daredevils and Tammy Firefly, the Human Firework and aerial artist to mind-bending displays of state-of-the-art technology including a drone light show and Boston Dynamics dancing robots called Spot, this year’s Grandstand show will be a never-before-seen sensory experience. The show will hit a crescendo with the fan-favourite fireworks finale to cap off the night.

It’s a little bit glam, it’s a little bit rock and roll, and it’s all happening all ten nights of the Calgary Stampede at the Grandstand Show, July 5 - 14, 2024!

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Hunter Brothers

Real-life brothers, J.J., Dusty, Luke, Brock and Ty, are no strangers to hard work, perseverance and discipline. Life on a family farm wasn’t always easy, but the brothers attribute much of their success to their rural upbringing in a home dedicated to faith, music and sport. With over 86 million streams and 33 million YouTube views to date, Hunter Brothers have amassed a large volume of industry credibility in a record amount of time, including multiple CCMA Award nominations, JUNO Award nominations and SCMA Award wins.

Hunter Brothers' third studio album, Been A Minute, is a compilation of their signature harmonies and up-tempo hits which delve into the heart of the times the world is presently walking through. Their sophomore album, State of Mind, was released in 2019 and remained the #1 selling country album for four consecutive weeks following its release. “Lost” (their first #1 single at country radio), “Those Were the Nights” (from their debut album Getaway) and their Top 10 smash hit “Born and Raised” have all been certified Gold in Canada. In 2020, Hunter Brothers were the #3 most-played Group or Duo on country radio in Canada. Known for their energetic and entertaining live shows, the group has played major country festivals in Canada and the U.S. and toured with country icon Paul Brandt.

On May 12, 2023, they released their highly anticipated new EP Burning Down The Barn. With the six-track release, Hunter Brothers continue to evolve and elevate their sound. Proving their versatility as vocalists and performers, the EP features high-octane, dance-ready anthems such as title track "Burning Down The Barn" and Top 40 radio single “What Colour You Drive," while still maintaining their trademark harmony-driven style, such as the heart filled ballad “At The End Of The Day,” and jovial, laidback track “Peace Love and Country Music."

To celebrate the release, the brothers set out on a cross-Canada tour in fall 2023 with more than half of the shows selling out.

New music coming in Spring 2024!

Boston Dynamics – Spot

Spot is a quadruped robot created by Boston Dynamics, the global leader in deploying highly mobile robots. Spot's design was inspired by nature and the robot's movement imitates four-legged animals, which means it can navigate difficult terrain and go places other robots cannot. In the real world, Spot is most often used for industrial equipment inspections in places like manufacturing facilities, power plants, refineries, and more. It's also used by bomb squads and fire departments for public safety applications, and as a research and education tool in university classrooms all over the world. But at the Calgary Stampede, visitors will see a much more fun side of Boston Dynamics' research, as the robots will be cutting loose and showing off some dance moves during the nightly Grandstand Show!

Jose and Dani

In 2010, Josefina and Daniel met in a circus company in Buenos Aires and began training together in the aerial Cradle discipline.

They perform in various events in South America.

In 2012, they traveled to Europe in search of new encounters, adventures and artistic experiences. This is how, one thing leading to another, they enrolled at the Ecole supérieure des arts du cirque (ESAC) In 2013, their training enriched them technically and artistically in all the performing arts.

In 2016, they ended their training with a personal creation (end of studies show EXIT 15, ESAC).

Since then, they have collaborated with the Théâtre Monfort in Paris. They participated in various festivals around the world in Japan, Korea, Russia and throughout Europe. They performed at the Cirque de Demain in Paris, among others.

Currently they continue working with their act and they also created two shows, one for indoors "Rubix Cube" and another for the street "Ninguna Palabra" with which they work throughout Europe.

Tammy Firefly

Tammy Firefly is an innovative performing artist, based in Las Vegas but internationally- acclaimed enthralling audiences across the globe. Her work experience includes Cirque Du Soleil, multinationals Heineken, Cass, Fashion week in New York, London and South Korea and seen TV across the globe featured on Telemundo, AGT Championships, AGT Extreme & Tu Si Que vales Italy.

For over 10 years, Tammy has built a solid professional reputation specializing in explosive visuals and thrilling aerial and fire stunt extravaganzas.

When Tammy is not on tour or in Las Vegas, she spends her time mentoring other aspiring artists, coaching cirque artists, and is the founder of her International Cirque Training Program, hosting week long Circus Arts Immersions in Costa Rica, Bali Indonesia and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Urias Globe of Death Daredevils

Originally from Brazil, The Urias family built their first motorcycle globe in 1912 and began performing all around the world, winning countless awards showing their daredevil skills riding their motorcycles 45 to 50 miles per hour all around and upside down in a 16 foot steel sphere.
Through 5 generations the Urias have innovated and accomplished many firsts in this daredevil act, including first to have 3 motorcycles riding inside simultaneously, first to have a lady in the middle of all the chaos, and first motorcycle globe to perform with Ringling Brothers Circus.
Often referred to as the first family of the Globe Of Death, The Urias stunt performance features the only 4th generation Globe stunt riders in the world, Erwin and Melvin Urias who are joined by the number 1 female rider in the world Olga Loca, and with stunt woman extraordinaire Jodie Urias bravely standing in the middle of the motorcycle madness. In keeping with tradition the Urias family has the only 5th generation rider Geovi Urias as
the fourth motorcycle in the cage to add to all the excitement. These daredevils continue the family tradition of being the best and performing at the top events and entertainment venues around the world.
The family's Original Globe of Death has been showcased at The “Harley Davidson Museum” in their exhibit called “Daredevils a Century of Spine- Tingling Spectacles”. This motorcycle spectacular has performed at EDC Las Vegas ,and the Urias have been seen in the feature film "A Place Beyond The Pines". Recently performing on “The Chainsmokers” World War Joy concert tour and in Grammy Winner “Bad Bunny” music video "Yo Visto Asi”.
The Urias Family will continue to bring their excellence in the Globe of Death to entertain audiences everywhere!