Gregory the singer is also Gregory the farmer – two sides of the same engaging, unpretentious and amiable coin, solidly rooted in the landscape and soil of his rural homestead. His music, is as approachable as he is, something that also translates on stage as he forms an instant rapport with any audience for whom he performs. Drew Gregory carries on the great tradition of edgy Canadian country. His songs, stage presence and vocal delivery immediately take you to the heart of each song.

Drew feeds off and reciprocates the energy of a crowd better than any, and has plenty of experience on stage for large and smaller audiences. Past festivals include The Big Valley Jamboree (both Main Stage and Molson Stage), Bud Country Fever, Country Thunder and Dauphin Country Fest. Drew made his debut appearance on the Nashville North stage during the 2015 Calgary Stampede and has been a staple every year since. His performances at clubs, rodeos and festivals tend to draw large crowds from years of being a reliable high energy show. Even though he’s a small town farm kid at heart, he is more at home on stage than anywhere else.

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